It is a youth-led mental health program that offers youth (18-22yrs) a safe space for emotional expression and resilience building.


It aims to address the gap that young adults face relating to their mental heal

Using the task shifting methodology, the program, delivered by our young peer leaders, is designed to help them and their group participants identify and understand the root causes and triggers of stress, anxiety, and depression and how they can manage it.

Keeping safety of all our community members in mind, due to the risks of Covid-19, Aao Baat Karein is currently delivered via sharing circles conducted on online video conferencing platforms

Target Segment:

Our program is aimed specifically at the college going age group (18-22yrs) in low income communities and slum areas, primarily in NCR, which are at high risk of developing mental illness due to the biological as well as psycho-social stage of development they are in.