Teacher’s Training Program

Our Teacher’s Training Program falls under the Minds At Play initiative.
Minds At Play attributes high value to the enormous role a teacher plays in the life of the child and the tremendous influence they have in their psycho-social development.

It has been developed to create a cadre of emotionally intelligent teachers who are tuned in to their students and create an empathetic classroom that functions on the notion of a safe space instead of fear and hesitation


Duration of the program: 4 monthsNumber of classes: 16Duration per class: 60 minutesFrequency of classes: Once a week for each set of studentsNumber of students: Maximum 30Target age groups: 7 to 18 yearsThe program comprises 4 main stages, each of which aims to assist the child to develop aa deeper understanding of who they are, of their emotions and how these a?ect their day today behavior and decision making.

By the end of the curriculum:

  • The child will be more attuned to their feelings which will help them to be more sensitive to themselves and others.
  • They will also be able to monitor and look after themselves hence forming healthier relationships and stronger bonds.
  • Each child will have its own customized list of self care tools and resources to help them cope with their emotions better and seek help in a safe way